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Kno takes home Bronze at the American Business Awards

June 25th, 2013 | Posted by Thomas Hanna in Kno - (Comments Off)

Kno’s Customer Support team placed 3rd in this years American Business Awards, Stevie Award for “Customer Service Department of the Year – Computer Software – Less than 100 Employees!” The slogan they were nominated under, Kno – “The CS team that rocks!!!!!!” With more than 1,000 entries from companies like Citrix and Vizio, and over 100 judges determining the finalists this year, we couldn’t be more proud of our Customer Support team.

Their work exemplifies the level of service we strive to provide at all levels of our company and this award stands testament to their dedication and hard work in assisting you, the user. We’d love to share with you all of the amazing examples we have of customers commending their support, but their just isn’t enough space. So, here are some of our favorites:

Stevie Award“I really do love this app. I have had a few issues with books, but the customer support is great and quick to do everything they can to resolve issues. I definitely recommend this app to anyone in college.” – iTunes Reviewer

I must commend the great customer service I recently received at Kno textbooks. The customer representative responded to my request very quickly and solved the problem I was having. Thanks for your excellent service. – Eric Fuhrman (Facebook Wall)

“This app has made significant improvements, most of which are based off of user feedback. Imagine a company that takes feedback from the customer and uses it to make their product even better. Not only is this app great, but their support team is extremely helpful as well.” – Jonathan – Gannon University

Ritesh Paspulati – CS Manager, and Simona Capiau – CS Supervisor accepting the award.

Introducing Advance: An Interactive Learning Platform for Publishers

February 12th, 2013 | Posted by Thomas Hanna in Kno - (Comments Off)

At Kno, we see engagement as the leading indicator of learning success. So, we made it our mission to help Publishers overcome the obstacles they face in bringing interactive and engaging content to students in the digital age at NO COST!

Kno can turn your flat files into eBooks with dozens of interactive features in minutes. Then, using the Advance publishing tools, publishers or authors can simply update or enhance an eBook adding interactive content like video, audio, smart links, and simulations to it. And, since this is a real-time technology, you can see these changes appear worldwide for readers on iPad, Android, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Web platforms. Creating a truly engaging experience using a scalable solution for both large and small publishers— with no cost.

The Kno digital library already contains over 200,000 digital titles from 80 leading publishers. Learn how you can start creating interactive digital content today, at We are not waiting on the future, are you?

Kno and The Buckley School,, an independent K-12 school in Los Angeles, have partnered to go digital in the classroom; bringing interactive eTextbooks to more than 15 classrooms and subjects ranging from U.S. History to Biology to AP Calculus.

“Buckley has made the smart implementation of educational technology a priority so that we take every opportunity to improve student learning,” said Javy Martinez, director of educational technology, The Buckley School.

Watch the video and experience firsthand how the staff and students at Buckley are seizing every educational opportunity available using Kno.

Kno for Good Reaches 100,000 Students

January 10th, 2013 | Posted by Betsy in K-12 | Kno - (Comments Off)

One of my favorite memories of teaching in DC Public Schools was the day that my art supplies arrived, funded through a Donor’s Choose project. For our class, receiving the supplies wasn’t just exciting because it meant we now had a ‘Creation Station’ in our room; it was more exciting to know that someone out there cared enough about our classroom to give us this gift – a gift that wasn’t about studying, or testing, or homework – but instead given to us simply because someone wanted us to paint!  For the rest of the week, everyone walked a little taller, smiled a little brighter – and spent every spare moment finding excuses to sketch, draw and otherwise express ourselves with color.

For the past few weeks at Kno, we’ve experienced this excitement vicariously through classrooms all over the US whose projects were funded by the Kno for Good initiative that we launched in November.  From tablets, to art supplies, to music programs, to field trips, by purchasing textbooks on Kno you’ve brought immeasurable happiness and incredible learning opportunities to students and teachers.  And that’s Good.

Today – we’re proud to say that over 100,000 students and almost 1,200 teachers have been impacted by Kno for Good. On behalf of our team, thank you for your support of Kno for Good, and your on-going support of Donor’s Choose.Donors Choose


Are you studying too much?

January 9th, 2013 | Posted by Thomas Hanna in Kno - (Comments Off)

Introducing Kno Me: A personal study dashboard that helps you track your study habits, engagement levels, and progress in each Kno eTextbook you use. Kno Me is like a learning GPS that gives you near real time feedback to help you locate where you are in your studies and see where you need to go next.

Track important study habits such as time spent reading, your level of engagement, and how much of the material you’ve mastered. And learn how you can make changes in your study habits to help get the grades you want.

To Learn More: Watch the Video

Happy New Year!

January 1st, 2013 | Posted by Thomas Hanna in Kno - (Comments Off)

It’s been a great year for education and Kno. Thanks to your help we’ve made a lot of positive changes this past year launching our partnership with, releasing the app on Windows and Android platforms, and making major enhancements to our catalog of books!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed the experience as much as we have and wish you the very best in 2013!

Kno’s New Site! We’ve got the same textbooks, WAY smarter!

December 21st, 2012 | Posted by Thomas Hanna in Kno - (Comments Off)
New Site

We all know how much you guys loved the old site, but don’t be too sad because we’ve made some really amazing changes!

From the moment you enter, our new homepage will make searching for your textbooks a breeze. Giving you access to learn more about all of our amazing features, multi-platform capabilities and projects such as where we’ve partnered to help get students involved in making a positive impact in classrooms in need.

Be sure to come check us out as you get ready for Spring ’13.

Kno Pro Tip: A Picture Says 1,000 Words

December 11th, 2012 | Posted by Betsy in K-12 | Kno - (Comments Off)

As every student knows, oftentimes the biggest challenge in class is simply keeping up with note-taking.  We’ve all had that moment of playing ‘beat the clock’ against the teacher, hoping you’ll get that last bit of the diagram or last few words of notes before they’ve been erased and the class has moved on.  Not to mention the crushing moment when you go back to your notes at home and realize you have no idea what they mean because you spent all your time copying and none of it listening.

Using the “Add a Note” feature in the Kno Journal, you’ll never have this problem again. Instead of furiously copying the teacher’s whiteboard diagrams and notes, this handy time-saving trick allows students to focus on learning rather than transcribing. Simply open your Kno Journal, select “Add a Note” on the left side, then select the camera icon.  Snap a picture of the whiteboard and presto! – all of your notes and diagrams are saved into your Kno Journal for future reference.

Try it today and let us know in the comments how it works for you!

Highlighting: The Art of Studying

December 6th, 2012 | Posted by Betsy in K-12 | Kno - (Comments Off)
photo 1

When I was in high school, my version of studying involved sitting in my room with headphones on, book open on my lap, randomly writing notes about the text. By my rationalization, the more notes I wrote, the harder I was “studying”.  I did this the same way for every test, for every class — even though there was little correlation between how “hard I studied” and my grades.  This continued until 10th grade, when an extremely dedicated English teacher made it a priority to teach all of her students The Art of Studying using color-coded note cards to indicate what I knew, where I needed more information, and essential points to remember for the test.

One of many benefits of digital content is that we no longer have to worry about marking up a textbook that will be used for only one year. Although the color-coded note cards are a thing of the past, teachers everywhere can help their students build critical study skills using the Kno highlighting feature.  Students can color code their highlights to differentiate content between things that are important, minor reference points, and areas where the student needs more information/clarification. Highlights are immediately saved in the students Kno Journal, for sorting, reference and refinement.

What’s your favorite study tip? Please share in the comments!

Students say it best: The Case for Digital Learning

December 4th, 2012 | Posted by Betsy in K-12 | Kno - (Comments Off)

Why digital textbooks? For the answer to this question, you need look no further than Joe’s Non-Netbook, courtesy of the Chris Lehman Science Leadership Academy.  Created by students in 2009, this 2 minute demonstration of the failure of print textbooks to meet the needs of today’s connected students is still making the rounds today.  When you look at it from their perspective, it all seems so simple, doesn’t it?